Grand Rounds Schedule

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    GRAND ROUNDS - Spring 2019

    5:30 PM

    Health District: Health 1 Building,

    in the Molly and Doug Barnes Vision Institute

    at the University of Houston College of Optometry, 

    Room 203 East

    4901 Calhoun Rd., Houston TX, 77204




    8 - Orientation

    Submission of Topics


    15 - Resident Presentations (3)

    Dr. James W. Walters, Image Enhancement

    Zahraa Majeed, O.D.

    Courtney Morrow, O.D.

    Aaron Stephenson, O.D.


    22 - Resident Presentations (3)

    Cassie Weinberg, O.D.

    Jup Grewal, O.D.

    Ashton Ehlers, O.D.


    29 - Resident Presentations (4)

    Eva Gao, O.D.

    Katherine Zhang, O.D.

    Ailia Ahmed, O.D.

    Diana Chen, O.D.



    5 - OPT IV Students (3)

    12 - OPT IV Students (3)

    19 - OPT IV Students (3)

    26 - OPT IV Students (3)



    5 - OPT IV Students (3)


    19 - OPT IV Students (3)

    26 - OPT IV Students (3)



    2 - OPT IV Students (3)

    9 - OPT IV Students (3)

    16 - OPT IV Students (3)



    Nick Holdeman, OD, MD

    Ailia Ahmed, OD

    Diana Chen, OD

    Ashton Ehlers, OD

    Eva Gao, OD

    Jup Grewal, OD

    Zahraa Majeed, OD

    Courtney Morrow, OD

    Angeline Nguyen, OD

    Bruce Onofrey, OD, RPh

    Sandra Rajan, OD

    Chris Sek, OD

    Aaron Stephenson, OD

    James W. Walters, OD PhD

    Cassie Weinberg, OD

    Katherine Zhang, OD



    1. Students will compose a short manuscript and a topic summary of their particular case that is of publishable quality.

    2. Students will present a brief presentation of an interesting patient to the faculty, the residents and their peers. If requested, the student should be able to discuss all aspects of the case, e.g., pathophysiology, etiology, demographics, pharmacology, ancillary and laboratory interpretations, differential diagnosis, optional management protocols, etc.