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Live Events & Live Webinars: Online Registration

Posted on: Jul 19, 2020 | Under: News , General News ,

Live Event & Webinar Enrollment System


For many years, CE participants have had two course completion options with UHCO: Live Events and Online CE. The Live Event database that UHCO utilizes dates back to 1995. In this quick and ever-changing world of technology, the idea of using a system that dates to a previous century sounds…dated. Why would we continue to use this system? Why not move to a software or online platform that was developed more recently? Well, our system holds your history. Our system receives routine updates that keeps it up to present day speed while allowing you to receive a complete transcript of the live courses you’ve attended with us for many, many years. And as much as our team enjoys exploring new possibilities, why fix what isn’t broken? 


You now have the opportunity to register for live events & live webinars through our Live Event & Webinar Enrollment System! Here's how:


Step 1: Log On

  • If you have previously attended a live course with UHCO, you are a Returning user. Login using the following credentials:
    • OE Tracker Number
      • If you do not know your ARBO OE Tracker Number, you may find it on the ARBO website or you may contact our office at for assistance.
    • Password
      • Your password has been preset with the following:
        • first initial + last initial + zip code
          • Example: aj77204
        • NOTE: Your zip code is based on the address you provided our office during a previous registration – usually home or office. Contact our office if need assistance.
  • If you have not attended a live course with UHCO, please create a new account.



Step 2: Course Selection

  • If you are directed to the course link you selected from the CE website, proceed to Step 3
  • If you are not immediately directed to the course link you selected from the CE website:
    • Click Courses on left side navigation
    • Under Other Lookup Options, select All Courses
    • Select Course Title, i.e. CE in the Southwest
    • Select Enroll Yourself



Step 3: Registration Selection

  • Select a registration fee
  • Select workshop sessions you wish to attend that equal the number of registration
  • hours you’ve selected
    • Each workshop session = 4 hours
  • Click Proceed to Checkout



Step 4: Process Payment

  • Complete all fields and click Payment Service
  • Enter your payment information and click Pay Now



Step 5: Receipt & Log Out



Our goal is to make this process as easy for you as we can. As always, we are only an email ( or phone call away (713-743-1900)! 


Click here to view registration FAQs