Reflection of 2015 & Glance to 2016

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What a year! As the UHCO CE Team farewells 2015 and welcomes the New Year, we feel a quick reflection is warranted. After all, we did offer another amazing year of education to not only Texas Optometrists, but also to those licensed in the profession worldwide. And because we cannot ever seem to let well-enough simply be well-enough, an additional four courses were added to the 2015 CE calendar amongst the annual courses offered. In the 13 live courses, various topics from general optometry to therapeutics as well as pediatrics and geriatrics education was covered. From our CourseMasters and CE staff to our speakers and participants, we were able to pull together programs that offered more than just hours that met license renewal requirements.


Review of New Courses Offered in 2015

Aging America: A Clinical Management of the Elderly Patient

Aging America: A Clinical Management of the Elderly Patient was introduced by CourseMaster Dr. Pat Segu. Taking place directly at UHCO, this course featured 12 speakers who all presented from various aspects of elderly patient care.

Based on the success of this program, it is expected to become a biennial course with the same single focus at the University of Houston College of Optometry in Houston Texas.


KMK Keeps You Up-to-Date

Co-hosted with KMK Educational Services, participants were provided the newest and essential clinical information. The KMK team sifted through the latest and most relevant information and organized it into an evidence-based clinical review course. Participants had a 21 hour option and received a hardbound book with concise, evidence-based summaries of over 50 clinical conditions. Also available was an optional exam over 15 lecture hours to earn additional points for those seeking or maintaining ABO certification.

The next program is scheduled on March 5-6, 2016 at the University of Houston College of Optometry in Houston Texas.


32 Hour Advanced Procedures Course

In May of 2014, the Louisiana Legislature passed a state law granting Optometrists the ability to perform minor surgical and laser procedures. The Optometric Association of Louisiana invited UHCO to produce and provide a 32 Hour Advanced Procedures Course during their annual convention in June. CourseMaster Dr. Nimesh Patel organized an intense program that provided Louisiana ODs direct experiences with lasers and mock surgical procedures in addition to the course lectures.

All lectures were recorded in hopes to organize and provide an online procedures course that will pair up with hands-on workshops. This continues to be a work in progress.


Building Your Practice with Specialty Contact Lenses

The GP Lens Institute and the University of Houston College of Optometry teamed together to offer a program focused on specialty lens fitting, myopia control, and multifocal lenses among other related topics. These concentrated lectures were offered in conjunction with a hands-on workshop which allowed participants to gain additional experience in the area of scleral lenses.

Currently, there is not another specialty course scheduled. However, if you are interested in attending one, please complete this survey.


So what can you look forward to in 2016? The same, if not better, customer service and education provided in 2015. As always, the UHCO CE Team will continue to focus on the needs and requests of our audience to best fill hours spent in and out of the classroom. 

Another busy year has come and gone, but not before leaving a positive impact on both UHCO and hundreds of Optometrists nationwide.


2016 Courses-At-A-Glance

KMK Update 2016

March 5 – 6

Houston, Texas


CE in the Southwest

April 30 – May 1

Dallas, Texas


Everything Therapeutic: Houston

June 4 – 5

Houston, Texas


CE in the Rockies

July 21 – 24

Estes Park, Colorado


CE in Austin

September 24 – 25

Austin, Texas


Everything Therapeutic: San Antonio

October 1 – 2

San Antonio, Texas


CE Weekend Featuring:

Hands-On Workshops and the Benedict Professor in Practice Management & Administration

October 8 – 9

Houston, Texas


CE in the Fort Worth

October 22 – 23

Fort Worth, Texas


33rd Annual Cornea, Contact Lens & Contemporary Vision Care Symposium

December 3 – 4

Houston, Texas