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Online Courses

Our standard on-line courses are COPE (Council on Optometric Practitioner Education) approved and accepted nationwide for license renewal. A reference list of State CE Requirements can be found on the COPE website. We always advise you to check with your State Board of Optometry for complete eligibility requirements.

All Available Online Courses

Standard Courses

Course Name Credit Hours Hours Type COPE Price Course Type
2019 Professional Responsibility Course 1 General/Professional Responsibility 60626-EJ $95.00 Online
Billing & Coding A to Z Updated 4 General 61387-PM $100.00 Online
Specialty Lenses: Youve Got Options 2 General 54076-CL $50.00 Online
Systemic Differentials in Uveitis 2 D/T 54078-SD $50.00 Online
Clinical Evaluation and Management of Diabetic Retinopathy 1 D/T 58511-PS $25.00 Online
The Push and Pull of Macular Diseases 1 D/T 58523-PS $25.00 Online
Interpretation of the OCT for Glaucoma 1 D/T 58524-GL $25.00 Online
Interpretation of Visual Fields for Glaucoma 1.25 D/T 58517-GL $25.00 Online
A Review of Prisms for the General Practice Optometrist 1 General 55099-GO $25.00 Online
The Anterior Segment: Common Cases and More 2 D/T 54077-AS $50.00 Online
Ocular Manifestations of Sexually Transmitted Diseases 2 D/T 58130-SD $50.00 Online
Pregnancy and the Eye 1 D/T 53054-SD $25.00 Online


Course Name Price Course Type
The Glaucoma Specialist Course $1,050.00 Online

Co-Sponsored CE

Course Name Course Type
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